September 4, 2020

Parenting Time During a Pandemic

If it already wasn’t enough to deal with your work, getting food, recreation, and your kids during a pandemic, try dealing with an ex who won’t follow the parenting time order! This is a common problem during the trying times we are facing, with the other parenting trying to maneuver around parenting time requirements or balking at following the court’s order. The parent may try to claim any number of various pandemic-related excuses: “the children might get the virus if they are around you,” “I should get to decide what the children do during your parenting time because your decisions might expose them to the virus”, and the list goes on.

Ultimately, there is only one solid answer when dealing with fallout of COVID-19 in the context of parenting time: you must follow the court’s orders. Does this answer every question? No. Does it provide a starting point from which you can asses show to respond to the other parent? Absolutely. As with any circumstance, there may be exceptions or special circumstances that you need to discuss with your attorney. If you think you may have a special circumstance, be sure to consult your legal counsel. However, do not forget the starting point for all discussions about parenting time – the court order.

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Written by:

Alex Masterson